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Nossa Grill is here to make Brazilian food more accessible for everybody. Challenging times call for innovation, so we are taking Brazilian cuisine to a new level. Have a taste of Brazil at Nossa!

Nossa's menu features the most popular & delicious Brazilian dishes. Dine-in, order pick up, or order delivery so you can also have authentic Brazilian cuisine in the comfort of your home or office. We partner with a local delivery company for your convenience.

You can also have DIY or ready-to-eat weekend family meals, & catering when you have special occasions.


We offer delicious Brazilian recipes made with natural, simple, and fresh ingredients. Check out the menu we have created for you with affordable, healthier, and flavorful Brazilian appetizers, entrees, specialties, & much more.

Brazilians are passionate about their food and we love to share it with people of all ages and backgrounds.

We delight in using fresh and simple, but high-quality ingredients to prepare delicious recipes, so you can experience the flavors and richness of the Brazilian cuisine. 

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Meet Our Founders

Priscila Santos

"I am an entrepreneur, owner and General Manager of Gordinho's Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. With a winning attitude, infectiously enthusiastic personality, and desire to deliver an exceptional experience to my guests. I always urge my team to raise service standards by leading them to achieve outstanding results. I have worked for many years in the restaurant industry where I have built my career and gotten management experience".

Mario Vitelo 

"I come from a big family in the Southern part of Brazil. Although I had a poor, limited childhood, my family was very modest and taught me many life values. I think I am most proud of the recognition we receive from our guests because that gives me the strength to accept that I don't know everything, which is okay because we learn something new every day. I believe that the rewards are great for those who believe, face the challenges and are not afraid of working hard".

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Ana Santos-Vitelo 

"I was born in a favela (a slum) called Jardim Catarina near the big city of Rio de Janeiro. When I was a little girl growing up in Brazil, I never would have imagined that I would someday be an entrepreneur in America. What I always say is that if the dream is there, work, save and invest until it is your reality". 

Featured on "Today's Inspired Latina"

Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil

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Brazilian Restaurant

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